Signet Terrace has decided to organise a RUN CYCLE CLUB for Lenasia and surrounding areas in order to participate in renowned events ie: Pick n Pay Cycle Challenge, Cape Argus Challenge, just to name a few.  The whole idea is to create a unique mass participation sporting organisation that would touch the hearts of the community and capture the competitive temperament and best of all, it is absolutely FREE to enter the club.

Now for Signet Terrace to have a foresight to realise the value of its association with such a club, there should be commitment to the pursuit of belief that indeed sports plays a major role in helping to unify our communities. 

We have no doubt that the Club will have a positive impact on the local cycling, running, health and related industries. 

Our aim is to establish the best run cycling club to benefit all.    Are you up for the Challenge?

So You said you were up for a challenge

We have an OPTIONAL SERVICE available.

Signet Terrace in conjunction with SKR will put you to the test, help you get ready and in shape in order to enter numerous Run Cycle Challenges. You have the option of a full body assessment carried out in order to get you in gear.

Should you wish to become a member contact Signet Terrace offices on 011 852 8212












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