The 2009 “Quad Mania” Competition kept Lenasia Shoppers in High Gear



Thousands of shoppers entered the Signet Terrace “Quad Mania” competition hoping to be 1 of 3 Lucky winners of the awesome Quad Bikes (Sponsored by Signet Terrace)


By entering the competition, shoppers were also put in line to win free shopping vouchers and tenant prizes. The live draw was a huge success with Signet Terrace buzzing with Hype and Excitement hours before the draw. Of course it was nerve wrecking for all the entrants as they waited for the results of the Live Draw, but the hundreds of spectators were a bit white-knuckled as well. The lucky winners of the 3 Quad Bikes were Zaiboonisha Moolla, Fiona Lazarus and Brenda Padayachee. The day was filled with loads of spot prizes, competitions and entertainment for all. In celebration of Signet Terrace’s 5th Birthday, cupcakes specially designed for our customers were handed out to the crowd. Those with a sweet tooth enjoyed free slush puppy and munched on popcorn all day. The day was enjoyed by all and no one walked away empty handed.

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